Thursday, May 23, 2013

40K Random Name Generator

Inspired by the incredibly creative naming in the new Eldar Codex; I've created a nice little name generator to help out any future codex authors.

Click "Generate"

So 40K is a Lensman arms race now?

In case you haven't seen these yet, the new Eldar stuff.

And "Lensman Arms Race" for reference.

You have to wonder what ridiculous thing the next codex will get to trump the Wraithknight.  I wouldn't be surprised if Baneblades and Stompas became official 40K units.  Every army needs a $$$ kit apparently.

I actually quite like the new flyer.  The mini-titan is also acceptable.  And finnally plastic wraithgaurd.  It took them long enough.  Prices are still ridiculousness. Especially them changing Dire Avenger to be $35 for five models.  Good thing I already have 30.  Also very disappointed that the jetbikes are just a re-package.  That new sculpt exists, why can't we get it?

Moot issue anyway.  I'm not going to buy anything other than the codex.

Thursday, May 2, 2013