Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Spaguatyrine is the greatest player ever

I may have made some remarks to the effect that Spag should play in some national tournaments before talking about his tabletop skills.   Well, he had to go be a jerk and take best overall in the Nova Invitational.   

I take back all the bad stuff I said.  I won't ever dream of implying that random chance has any effect on Spag's skills ever again.

I'm going to focus now on making my game better than about critiquing anyone else's.  I will "put up or shut up" as they say.


Monday, August 29, 2011


The certification studying is still ongoing.  I'm nearly through the first book, so I will hopefully take the first tests in a week or two.  I have so many irons in the fire right now that I get stuck in a paralysis and nothing gets done quickly.  There are many professional reason to get the certification, but side-lining my hobbies for 6 months is difficult to do.  

My Tau army is sitting at 1250 points purchased with about 800 of it built and painted.  I could get to 1500 if I built all that I had and picked up three more battle suits.  I could get it finished by the end of the year if I didn't have this certification thing going on.  Before the starting the certification stuff my schedule was constrained to where I had to choose painting or playing.  I'm not too thrilled with playing my other armies right now, so when I do have a free weekend, I don't much feel like making the drive to G2D4.

I'm going to set a goal of getting my tau to 2000 for next years Nova.  Hopefully I'll have it done a lot sooner than  that.