Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Q: The Farseer Psychic Powers rules state that they do not require the
Eldar Psyker to have line of sight to the target. Does this mean that they
can be used by an Eldar psyker embarked on a Transport? (p28)
A: No.

 Like Eldar really need another kick to the groin.
Q: If Seeker Missiles are fired at a Zooming Flyer or Swooping Flying
Monstrous Creature, what To Hit roll do they require? (p31)
A: 6+
So a 6+ marker-light followed by a 6+ seeker.  Sigh.

I don't know what to say really.  I'm close to shelving 40K until I see a new Tau or Eldar codex.  Tired of playing a game where the deck is stacked against me.  I don't want to have to play allies or the flavor of the month army to have fun.  It's bad game design when a faction cannot stand on it's own.  It's bad product management to let parts of your line rot for 6 years at a time.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Passed the Gauntlet

It's a new year, and all the traveling and sundry commitments have cleared up.  As in, I should be making it to G2D4 this weekend.  Though, man, it's been at least since October that I played any 40K.   Wouldn't say I've been missing it terribly.  I did want to go to the tournament on the 22nd last month, but I came down with a stomach virus the morning of.

I have been getting in other games though.  I played in the X-Wing Kessel Run at the Game Preserve and won a pre-release Slave 1.  I went to a classic Star Wars CCG tournament in Champaign.  Went 2 and 2 there, and only in one of the losses did I get a major beat-down.  Pretty decent with new decks and only playing about 2 games in the last 10 years.  The guys who ran it have re-started up an IL/IN tournament circuit for the game.  I suggested G2D4 for the next one and we are having it there on the 19th.  Yesterday I broke down and bought a sealed box of the final expansion off Amazon.

My general Star Wars enthusiasm may be tapering down.  I've re-ran through all the good stuff.  Now all that's left is Keven J. Anderson, New Jedi Oder(plus everything that comes after) and prequels.  Ghack.  Oh, wait, this came out yesterday.   Ocean's 11 with Lando, Han, and Chewie?  Yes, please.

Edit: I noticed that I misspelled Order in the above paragraph.  Decided to stick with it as it justly describes my feelings for the general direction of the EU post Visions of the Future.