Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Drop Pod Doors: Are they really there?

Several players at G2D4 contend that Drop Pod Doors are part of the model and that you can't move within an inch of them. This argument comes from the Open Top rules that state that you can disembark within 2" of "any point" of the vehicle.

The Vehicles & Measuring Distance section on pg 56 or the rulebook states "measure to and from the hull (ignore gun barrels, dozer blades, antennas, banners, and other decorative elements)." Why, oh why, couldn't they have added doors to that list.

The sections for vehicle sub-types are exceptions to the general vehicle rules. If the open top rules state any point on the vehicle, then they are referring to any point that is measured too on Pg. 56. So Battle-wagon deathrollas, drop pod doors, and boarding planks all don't count. They are not the "hull" of the model.

My position is that if someone insists that they count as a part of the model I'm going to refer back to Pg. 11: "A model may not move into or through the space occupied by another model (which is represented by its base or hull)...". So If I can't move across those doors, neither can the other player.


  1. I agree with your assesment. I also agree if someone plays this way I can shoot the door to blow it up or assault it.

  2. I would tell the player to keep the doors shut then. There's nothing stopping me from modelling my doors to "extend" a few extra inches to gain an advantage. That's just not how it works.

  3. Like spaguatyrine said, you are then free to shoot at and assault the doors. If they want a bigger area, then they need to take the penalties for it as well. And I would definitely make it so they can't cross the doors too, if that is how they want to play it.