Thursday, September 23, 2010

Too Much Going On

I have about a dozen things going on right now. Here's a quick rundown.

I'm almost done painting a Hammerhead for my Tau army. I tried to incorporate some of the advice I got from Sandwyrm about color isolation. I've got the base colors complete, and the tank does look more interesting than the Fire Warriors. I'm not sure if it looks like a real tank though. I still have to do the detail work. When I'm done with that, I'll post some pics. I'm going to take a close look at how they break apart the colors on the armor of the Spartans in Halo: Reach and try to use that as a basis for breaking up the colors on my battle suits. I've always appreciated Bungie's ascetic. I play their games more for the art, music, and story than for game play.

Speaking of Reach, I picked that up this week and it is going to cut into my painting time until I'm board with it and buy Civ 5. Civ 5 will then will swallow me into a dark hole and spit me out if 4 or 5 months. Civ 4 almost burnt my apartment down in college.

I bought the new fantasy starter too. I never heard back about swapping the skaven for more high elves, so I'm going to let my wife paint the skaven to try to get her interested in the hobby a little. At least enough to give me more time to paint my own armies. So now I have a high elf army to build and paint.

I finally got some games of Firestorm Armada in. I was holding off purchasing or painting anything new for that game until that condition was met. So now I have to finish painting my Terran Battleship. And I might buy a few Aquan Heavy Cruisers and Terran Shield Ships. The game is random as hell, but I like playing it and the ship models are very cool. Unfortunately the G2D4 crowd has decided to play on Tuesdays, and I cannot make it to G2D4 on any day but Saturday.

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