Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Spaguatyrine is the greatest player ever

I may have made some remarks to the effect that Spag should play in some national tournaments before talking about his tabletop skills.   Well, he had to go be a jerk and take best overall in the Nova Invitational.   

I take back all the bad stuff I said.  I won't ever dream of implying that random chance has any effect on Spag's skills ever again.

I'm going to focus now on making my game better than about critiquing anyone else's.  I will "put up or shut up" as they say.



  1. " I won't ever dream of implying that random chance has any effect on Spag's skills ever again."

    can I do it for you?

    I went 3 and 1 on the first day, only losing to Allan Hernandez (Blackmoor), who got 2nd to 1 (Tony Kopack)

    Spag did very well prove He can run with the big dogs.
    He even beat Nick,(who beat him in the Invite) in the Open.
    Overall, I say well done.

  2. While it is nice that Spag has given us a way to gauge the quality of the Indy crowd against the national scene, I think that is not the most important thing to observe from this Nova.

    I think the success of guys like Blackmoor who Stelek poo-poo'ed as being winners only because the they play loosers in looser tournaments is important.

    Stelek had a good initial point about battlepoints, comp, and sports scoring having a negative effect on tournament competitiveness, but his corollary theory that the people that win those aren't good players as well is not nearly as true.

  3. Great, now you've done it. If his ego wasn't big enough before.
    But it is good to see some of us representing and doing well.

  4. OHHHHHHH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just kidding. It is great to see that we have established some credibility and were represented well by more than just me.

    That being said. I am proud to come from Indy! We will show all the big dogs what we got!