Monday, January 30, 2012

They are making fools of us all

6th edition hanging out with his best pal Bigfoot.  He's no longer on speaking terms with the Lock Ness Monster.

It was going to be Tau with super suits.
Then it was Black Templars with eternal warrior killers
Then 6th edition was epic.
Then it wasn't
Now its Dark Angels with fancy white dwarf bindings. (I'm not going to link to any rumors.  They'll get no site traffic from me.)

At first I was going to write about how 40k should just be renamed Space Marine, but then I decided to not give a flying {redacted}  about rumors anymore.  The online 40k community is getting really hungry for upcoming release information, and I think people are taking advantage of that fact.  Either for site traffic, wishful thinking, or just for the fun of fooling people. 

As far as rumor accuracy goes, I think the happy time is over.  With the exception of plastic Thunderhawks and Summer of Flyers, the rumors for the last few years have more or less panned out.  For some reason that's no longer the case.  I think that a good chunk of the current online 40k community was generated by rumor mongering.  In my personal experience I looked to the 40k online communities for two things; to improve my game, and to find out what was coming out next.   With 5th edition being a mature product, there isn't much new strategy to discuss anymore.  In absence of any good ePersonality drama, there isn't much alse for the online community to churn over except for rumors.    

Basically we're all craving something new, and the blogs and forums are doing their best to supply it.  Unfortunately accuracy is not being supplied in equal amounts.  It's a situation that we all helped create.  Supply is being generated to meet our demand.  It's about time that we all voluntarily stopped caring about rumors.  Join me in forming the rumor Inquisition!

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  1. I join you! And add my Complaining piece to the archives.