Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Can't wait to pay my $82 new edition tax

Really GW?  70 bucks for the rule book?  You're making Fantasy Flight books look like bargain bin prices.  Then there's the 12 bucks for the psycher cards.  I guess you don't technically need them, but still.  It's GW's way of tacking on some hidden costs to the new edition.

If I didn't already own three armies...

The Sunk Cost Fallacy - keeping people playing 40K for 25 years and counting.


  1. I can wait.

    There's a Certain WWII rulebook set that I can get for $60.

    now... if I didn't own 3 armies as well. I'm going to sell off the IG I have, and I bought some SM's cheap at a garage sale I can sell too...

    btw, Duke had a decent article on GW economics on BoLS. worth a look.

    1. I read it. Deathtron wrote something similar last year.

      It doesn't help alleviate my opinion that the discipline of economics is just a way to use mathematics to screw people.

      Publicly traded companies are in the business of making money. If product ends up in the hands of consumers who want it, it's purely by accident.