Monday, August 13, 2012

Guess This Means I Should Build Necrons

I was visiting family in St. Louis over the weekend and found a box of GW minis at a local flea Market.  For ridiculously cheep I got:

10 Necrons immortals(5 are 2nd edition, the rest are 3rd but are missing parts)
32 Necrons warriors
5 scarab bases
2 Necron Lords( both missing parts)
30 Korne Beserkers(half primed black, the others with simple 3 color)
Fabius Bile
3 marine bikes
2 dark angel marines
4 cold one riders(OOP)
2 dark elf bolt throwers
10 witch elves
3 random tomb king models

That's a good start on a necron army; just needs about $400 in vehicle kits ;)

If anyone local wants any of the rest, let me know.


  1. no, it means you should sell all of that stuff at a decent profit, and keep some of it for bits.

  2. Do it! Start another one! Can tau and crons go together for crauns?

    1. Tau ally with everyone. They are very friendly.