Friday, September 7, 2012

40K FAQ updates

Updated FAQ's everyone!

Solves so much jankyness.  90% of the issues I've heard people complain about have been covered.

  • No more loop-hole allowing units to assault if their transport was exploded instead of wrecked. 
  • Grounded knocks you back to gliding. 
  • Flying MC can choose to skyfire like Flyers. 
  • What can shoot at fliers is better explained.  
  • Paladins and Nobs squads are not all characters anymore.  
  • Feel no pain upgrades to alternate wound allocation, so no more wondering if you even get a FNP roll in certain situations.
  • Tau get their Target Locks back.  
  • Disruption Pods give Shrouded! Yes SHROUDED!  Flat out Piranhas can get 2+ cover!  Hammerheads with 3+!
  • Drones do not get to count as characters and cannot make look-out-sir rolls.
  • No Fateweaver re-rolls for non Codex: Demons models.
  • Sandwyrm doesn't get to complain about Blood Angel Swords Encarmines(Their either a power sword or ax depending on the model) anymore ;)  
  • And it looks like look-out-sir goes to closest model to the character now.
It's good stuff.  You should read.


  1. Dante also strikes at initiative.

    Now I can start thinking about some lists. :)

    1. Have you painted your Sang guard yet? I kinda wanted to see what you would do with them.

  2. If by "at initiative" you mean at int 1 then I would agree otherwise I don't think that we are reading the FAQ the same.

    Page 53 – Commander Dante, The Axe Mortalis.
    Replace the entry with the “The Axe Mortalis is a power axe
    with the Master-crafted special rule.”

  3. I like how they made Incubi weapons AP 2. Oh yeah and the huskblade, time to break out the archon.