Friday, October 12, 2012

Hoorah! - New Dust units for early next year

I guess the first take away from this news is that the Axis for dust are getting jet fighters.   Though what's really important is that the Allies get the USMC!  It looks like just heavy weapons teams for now, hopefully they will add a few trooper squads as well.  Can't wait to be able to field some Rangers, British Paras, FFL, and US marines all int the same army.  Epic Win.

BTW, the Dust Warfare tournament last weekend run by Indy40K was really fun.   We didn't have too many show up.  Luckily, I think we hooked a few bystanders into the game.  I kind of got distracted by 6th, Necrons, X-wing, and Kickstarter, but Dust Warfare is a pretty cool game and I hope we can build some more local interest in it.


  1. Allies are supposed to get some aircraft finally too, although still haven't seen a speck of them yet

    I've just got into Dust Tactics, but I'm planning to see if Dust Warfare is something I can get my head around...

    1. I'm up in Fishers, fwiw

    2. The process by which units gets added is weird. I think that's attributed by how Dust Studios and Fantasy Flight are each doing their own thing.

      Tactics doesn't really do anything for me. If I'm going to play miniatures, I like using a real miniatures war game battlefield and rules system.