Monday, November 5, 2012

Flea Markets are Cool

They occasionally put on a flea market at the state fair grounds.  Being on the hunt for Star Wars CCG cards I decided to check it out.  I missed an importunity to pick up a bunch of cards at the last flea market I went to(the one back in Missouri where I got my initial Necrons for cheap) because I hadn't had the urge to get back in at the time.  I was hopping to redeem myself this time.

The flea market was a little smaller than I had hopped, but I did find a vendor peddling random Star Wars and other vintage toys.  I spotted a stack of all the Premier black border mains(Vader, Luke, Tarkin, 3P0, Lei, Obi, and Han) sealed in hard cases.  When I asked how much, the vendor responded that he just picked them up and wasn't sure what they where worth.  He also said he had a whole box of them in his car if I was interested(SCORE!)  Unfortunately, except for 6 Theed Palace commons the box was a mix of Young Jedi and the WotC Tcg.  Very disappointed.  I offered $10 for the 7 mains and the 6 commons.  They weren't power cards in the current meta, and I don't need them for decks.   He countered with $15, and I accepted.  Not quite the deal I was looking for, but still decent.  I've seen Vader go for $10-15 by himself, and the others are all between $2-6.

Didn't see anything else while I was there, but it would be a good place to check out next time I'm looking for esoteric out-of-print stuff.

I have higher hopes for next weekend.  I found out there's a monthly sports card show in Indy.  I've heard on the SWCCGPC forums that you can usually get lucky at those and find a few sealed packs.  I bought a lot of my packs at Baseball Card shops back in the day, so I know they used to carry that stuff.

I've checked a few local Comic Book Stores and the one sports card shop near me. They where all bust, so this is my last hope before having to go ebay and online sellers.  I've already made a pair of orders to the player's committee online store for some singles that I had to have.  I like the prices at CategoryOne games better, but they where out of a couple of the cards I really wanted(Daughter of Skywalker for one).  I'd also like to score some of the money cards at less than full price too.  I'd really like to have some Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knights, but I'd probably never pay the going $50 for them.

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