Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Q: The Farseer Psychic Powers rules state that they do not require the
Eldar Psyker to have line of sight to the target. Does this mean that they
can be used by an Eldar psyker embarked on a Transport? (p28)
A: No.

 Like Eldar really need another kick to the groin.
Q: If Seeker Missiles are fired at a Zooming Flyer or Swooping Flying
Monstrous Creature, what To Hit roll do they require? (p31)
A: 6+
So a 6+ marker-light followed by a 6+ seeker.  Sigh.

I don't know what to say really.  I'm close to shelving 40K until I see a new Tau or Eldar codex.  Tired of playing a game where the deck is stacked against me.  I don't want to have to play allies or the flavor of the month army to have fun.  It's bad game design when a faction cannot stand on it's own.  It's bad product management to let parts of your line rot for 6 years at a time.


  1. I always figured snap firing railguns was a better option anyways.

    and Eldar is just because the rest of the new powers were like that, they had to throw them all into line.

    1. No, the Eldar got it worst than other armies. If your power requires line of sight, you can still cast on yourself, the transport, or another squad in the transport. This ruling shuts down Eldar codex powers in a transport completely.

  2. As an Eldar player, I completely agree. As it is, I keep chugging along the best I can. I still win on occasion.