Thursday, March 21, 2013

$83 for a Codex on IBooks?!?

There you go.

79.99 AUS is about 83 USD.   We all know that GW hates it's customers, hates the internet, and hates Australia.  So yeah, this is the trifecta right here.   You realize that it cost Australians over $200 dollars US for a rule book and a codex?  F.T.S.

It used to be that GW would do something shitty and then bury their heads in the sand for at least a few months until we all forgot about it.  Now, it's just a constant fire-hose of crap.

GW's internal management must be bent up over some combination of bad Hobbit sales and the Capterhouse lawsuit.  So they're just doing every shortsighted thing they can think of to boost revenue and protect their IP.


  1. Did you watch the MiniWarGaming video?

    It's a pretty good breakdown and F-U GW.

    I don't regret getting out of GW stuff. I will play Necromunda, and maybe Blood Bowl. I think I'm done otherwise.

    1. I did see it.

      I'm very conflicted since the Tau codex is out next month, and I really like my Tau Army. I defiantly won't ever buy another GW model until the company has a change in management. But I still might buy that one last codex. Haven't decided yet.

  2. You know, the smart companies use digital distribution to cut costs and lower the prices their wares to grow their market. FFG sells the Dust rulebook PDF for half the price of the paper rulebook. Which is exactly what I've always wanted from GW.

    But GW has other interests besides customers and actually making stuff to sell. They'd rather push paper around all day instead. I've got the sneaking suspicion that they're in a death spiral panic right now. Outwardly, everything looks ok to us. But inside the company I'd bet that there's some financial shenanigans going on that will only come to light when the company either gets bought out, or files for bankruptcy.

    1. I think the new sales agreement really sheds a light on things. All that stuff about free riders and other people selling their stuff online dilutes their trademarks(Which is ridiculous because US trademark law specifically provides for using another companies trademarks to sell their goods). That stuff really didn't need to be in there. It's like the reality distortion fields have been turned up so high the bullshit is bursting at the seams and showing up everywhere.