Thursday, April 29, 2010


This morning before work, I watched the new Halo: Reach live action commercial. I then watched the ones for Halo 3 and ODST. They are all awesome, and proof that a Halo movie NEEDS to get made.

So I was thinking about Halo and remembered I had bought a bunch of Haloclix minis when that game had come out. I never played a game of it, and haven't had of much of a use for them. I do have a lot of them, and getting more would be easy since the game never sold well and you can get them at bargain bin prices.

I also was thinking about Red vs Blue. Well, my Ultras are blue. Blood Angels are red...

What I'm thinking would not be tournament legal in any sense, but all those clix minis are just sitting in a box in my closet...

Marines -> Spartans
Sanguine Guard/Assault Marines -> Allied Elites
Scouts -> UNSC Marines
Death Company => ODST troops
Razorbacks/Baal Predators -> Warthogs
Raven Gunships -> Orca Dropships

Probably wouldn't be very competitive either, but it would be really cool.

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