Friday, April 9, 2010


Thought I'd go ahead and add a post to my default layout blog.

I'm a Indianapolis area gamer. I primarily play 40k, but I dabble in other systems. I like to play Euro-style board games when I get the chance.

Oh, and I have the worst luck with dice: period. People notice this. Probabilities tend to get reversed for me. 66% chances for success usually work out to 33%. Dice let me down, so I tend to play games in ways to minimize chance as much as possible. It's why I don't play Land Raiders any more. Too likely to get popped by a single las cannon on the first turn. Never mind that it's only like a 4% chance: it will happen to me. I tend to follow Stelek's army building philosophy as it promotes redundancy. My luck is also why I like Euro-games: no dice.

I'm also working on designing my own board game. Though I haven’t had time to put anything on paper yet, I hope to start putting real work into it soon.

More to follow.

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  1. I do agree with your ability to fight the great one named "chance". I also agree that your list have changed for the better. My guard list is absouletly scared of your dreadnoughts.

    I enjoyed playing your ship game and would like to play this game sometime in the future. You had discussed changed the firepower making it easier to destroy ships. Let me know when you want to play.