Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Viper, a Viper, My Kingdom for a Viper

G2D4's 1750 tournament is coming up, and I want to play my Eldar. Problem is my Eldar is a 1500 point force. My original 1750 point expansion plan was to upgrade my Autarch to Yriel and add a few Vypers. Unfortunately, nobody close by has any Vipers in stock and I won't be able to get any in in time to get them built and painted. It's what I get for focusing on my Firestorm Fleets and my WIP Tau for the last few months.

I'm going to have to pick something from the Eldar B team that I can get painted up in time. I have no spare transports, so Fire Dragons, Dire Avengers, and Storm Guardians are out. No jet bikes, so none of those. Ranger/Pathfinders are too expensive to put in enough to be a threat. My Heavy slots are all filled. Everything else besides Striking Scorpions suck too much to mention, so I'll be running Scorpions. Five Scorpions plus Exarch with Biting Blade and Shadow Strike, fits well into the 140 points I had slotted out for the two Vipers.

It's a sub optimal choice, but I own the models already. I can also get them painted up to match my army pretty quickly. I hate running 6 foot models in a all mech list. I can at least use them as first turn bubble wrap or semi-survivable objective holders.

Everybody seems to be getting on the 40k blog rolls, maybe I should do that...

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  1. I've got some Vypers on the sprue if you're needing them in a hurry. Hit me up if you like.