Friday, November 19, 2010

Where's the Heel?

There's a new Land Raider variant on the way from Forgeworld called the Achilles. The rules are available here.


Forgeworld rules typically come in two flavors: suck and broken, but this new model just bought out Kraft Foods inc. As in, it owns all the cheese now.

I thought it was pretty decent until I read the rules for Ferromantic Invulnerability. It's aptly named as it really does make it invulnerable. It ignores melta and lance, and reduces damage rolls by 1. So unless Eldar are running dual Prisms or can get a Wraith Lord into melee with it, the majority of the time all you can do is reduce it to firing a single weapon. Demons will at best be able to immobilize it outside of melee. Orks have it even worse with no AP1 or MC's. About the only thing with a reasonable shot at killing this thing outside of destroyer weapons are Tau rail-guns.

Another reason why I don't play Apocalypse or allow anyone to use Forgeworld rules in games I play.


  1. wow. that's epic titanesque tankage. TL multimeltas AND a thunderfire cannon? wha?

    also why I 'Just say no' to Forgeworld, and Apocalypse-now

  2. The armament is not so bad when you consider it's 50 points more expensive, loses half its transport capacity, and is no longer an assault transport. It's the fact that you need a titan to even scare the thing! If they wanted it be an extra hard to kill Land Raider, they could have given it 2 structure points. Then it would be harder to kill, instead of impossible to kill with 95% of the dedicated anti-tank weapons in the game.

  3. I agree! Pretty Stupid if you ask me. I wouldn't take one either. I know you think I am cheesy. but even I wouldn't take one of these.