Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gamers DMZ Tournament 4/23

Came in sixth place today going 2 and 1 with my GK deep strike list.  I changed up my list a little for the tournament. I replaced the dreadnought with a second Dread Knight, and took the conversion beamers out of the list.  I gave the inquisitors psycotroke grenades and made all the Justicars' weapons master crafted.  Master crafted weapons for the Justicars are very much worth the 5 points.  I think that I'm going to run rad grenades instead of psychotroke next time though.  Psychotrokes are too random, and I was continually rolling results that where of no use.  Inquisitors with grenades and a couple of crusaders are one hell of a CC unit. Overall, I'm happy with how my list is working.

My first game was against Blood Angels.  He was a casual player, and I let him call it on the top of turn 5 with a squad of marines left.

My second game was against Tyranids, and it was a brutal close game.  I kept my army in one block to focus fire and to keep half of his army out of the game.  It hurt me because it meant that I had to give up on 3 of the 5 objectives.  It came down to having to kill two tervigons on the last turn.  My inquisitor made his psychic test and instant killed one, but my dread knight periled and lost his last wound fighting the other one.  He won 2 objectives to my 1.  I killed most of his army though.  He had only 10 gaunts, 2 hive guard, and a tervigon left at the end.  I killed 73 gaunts in the game.  He was a good opponent, and it was a fun challenging game.

The third game was against orks.  I was the highest ranked 1-1 player so I played the lowest ranked 2-0 player.  The game started out really bad for me.   I was missing just about every roll, and the ork player was rolling phenomenally.  It changed up in the fourth turn.  I was able to counter attack affectively and finally roll above a three. I ended up almost tabling him at the end of turn 7.

I was only about 180 points behind the 2-1 player that got to go into the final round.  If I had been a dick and tabled my opponent in round 1, I would have gotten at least 4th place.

It was a very fun tournament.  I feel bad for the locals though.  90% of the hard core Indy tournament players showed up, and beat a whole bunch of local kids in the first round.  We had 4 G2D4 regulars show up and play locals in the first round, and all of us ended in the top 6.  Of the other two, one was from Muncie and the other a north side player.  Even though I'm a hardcore competitive format proponent, I think the locals could have benefited from a more hobby friendly event for their first tournament experience.


  1. glad you came man. and i cant wait for the may 14th tourney. that should be fun as i get rolled by all the g2d4 guys.

  2. Haha!! We know how to play them at Games 2 Die 4! Bring it!