Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chapterhouse is one of the following

Completely devoid of a brain, or in possession of the biggest set of bawls documented in human history.

This is relation to this by the way.

When under the guns of GW's legal team, is it really necessary to make another not-GW GW model?  You want to make shoulder pads, thats one thing, but whole models?  Even if it turns out to be legal, they are leaching off of the work that GW has done.  And what if they win their legal battle?  Do you think they'd have done anything to help the hobby?

Also don't think about it as copying the work of GW, think about it as copying the artistic vision of Jes Goodwin and all the other artists who have worked for GW.  Their work has really progressed the quality of miniatures over the last 30 years.  That model is not up to the quality that those artists produce, and it is an insult to them to try and poorly imitate their style to make a few bucks.  

I'm also tired of TGN's coverage of anything remotely GW related.  The powers that be there seem to have an ax to grid when it comes to GW.  As you can tell from this bitchfest because GW didn't give out a million dollars of free stuff at Adepticon.


  1. > As you can tell from this bitchfest because GW didn't give out a million dollars of free stuff at Adepticon.

    I think if you reread the article the issue isn't that GW didn't give away loot. It is that GW doesn't feel that it has to do anything to counter the negative impressions of it that gamers, especially GW gamers, have of the company.

    People on 40K forums (not sure about WFB forums) take about the disregard for veteran players that GW has and events like Adepticon are a great place to work to counter that.'

    But GW doesn't. And that is what the intent of the article was. To discuss this apparent arrogance that GW has towards their fans.

    No you can argue that perhaps I didn't make my point as well as I could but the mention of the swag bag was really only to show another example of that.

    PP moves in with some great swag and a great show presence and GW tosses in a freebie that is being given out at every GW store.

    Most companies would haemorrhage blood if people talked online about them the way that GW gets talked about and yet they do nothing.

    One has to assume it is because they simply believe that their fans will always stick around or get replaced.

    PP is a good example of a company that works to talk with their fans. People might not always like what Matt Wilson posts online in response to fans but he at least is active in providing a public dialog.

    GW does no such thing and it is this apparent arrogance that I think is troubling for the company.

  2. And on topic...

    I can't understand why they would release this figure at this particular time either. It seems to just reinforce GW's case for them

  3. I wrote up a huge reply, but blogger ate it. I am now angry at blogger...

    I was a little harsh, but I get tired of hate GW gets and the free pass privateer gets at the same time. Hello official $90 models. Just think about the hate on the forums if the new Dread Knight cost that much. the war engines look to be in the same size and complexity category as some of the larger GW plastic kits. Forge World models are more expensive, but those aren't official and are marketed specifically for the people who spend thousands of dollars a year on their hobby. If PP messes up the balance on those models, the game is going to be about who can afford the most expensive toy.

  4. Back to why I didn't like your article in the first place.

    What do you expect a publicly traded foreign company to do for you? I expect them to make the best product for the best price. I don't expect them to be my best friend and give me free stuff. It's nice that Privateer does that stuff, but as the Pepsi or Apple of the miniature games industry, they have to work out side of the box to gain any market share they can. We all know what happens when the big company tries to do things like the new guys(remember New Coke?).

    GW does make available 100+ dollars for tournament prize support every quarter. With the amount of stores and tournaments run in the Indianapolis area, that's probably 1000 dollars of GW prize support a year in just one city.

    I'm not as familiar with how PP supports tournaments, but the stores and TO's have to pay for those tournament packets that have the cool trophies and coins.