Tuesday, July 31, 2012

You know it be true

All of a sudden I'm overcome with the urge to build a Dark Eldar Army...again.

Does this mean I've given in to my anger?  Fallen to the DarkSide?


  1. At least get your British armor list first. :P

    1. I'm motivated to play FoW, not so much to actually build an army. Maybe when PSC releases more British stuff and I can build a whole army with an impulse buy. The list I want to build ends up almost in the GW army price range. I'm looking at $180 just on crusader tanks at War Store prices. Then another 200 on sundry support platoons.

      I can probably get close to 1500 points of DE for that. I can boost it to higher point levels with Eldar allies(Eldar can still work as allies). I'm frustrated with GW right now, but their armies are the only ones I think I'll enjoy modeling and painting.

      If I start on it, it will probably be a long term project like my tau. One unit at a time over a year or so.

    2. Yeah, Non-Sherman British forces are expensive. Probably the most expensive in the game right now.

  2. I know that feeling, I've been resisting for some time, but I just got some DE bitz to play with and man this is making it very hard to resist the shiny (spikey)!