Wednesday, February 6, 2013

GW thinks they have exclusive rights to "Space Marine"

Me thinks there is prior art.

Anyway, they are going after some author who wrote a children's book called "Spots the Space Marine" for trademark infringement.  How can it be infringement?  Spots is a girl.  Everyone KNOWS GW space marines can't be girls cause they have cooties or something.

If you think GW is being a bit ridiculous, find out how to help here.

I'm considering sending in a "Drop this case, or I never buy your product again" email like PopeHat suggests.      I just don't feel like I should be giving these jerks my money anymore.  If it's not their inferior product its their  asshole corporate tactics.


  1. Beat me too it, I read that was about to put up something about it. If I get time I'll do a post and link here too if you don't mind.

  2. This is what happens when marketing guys take over a company. They put everything else before the actual product they sell. Been there and watched it first hand a time or two myself.

    If you have Netflix streaming, go watch Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview. It was recorded a couple of years before he returned to Apple, where he nails the leadership problems that almost killed Apple, and exactly how he would (and later did) turn it around.