Monday, May 2, 2011

Thoughts on a North Side 40K Day

With the recent change to the North store's 40K day and the rising gas prices this summer, I feel that it's going to be tough for some of us north side guys to get games in.  I've been thinking that it would be cool to organize a general north side 40K day to occur once a month.  Not a tournament or anything, we have plenty of those in the area, but just a day to hang out and play pickup games.

I've done a little checking and both Noblesville and Carmel have community centers that could accommodated 20 or so players.  Carmel's is of course more expensive and the catering has to go through them, but  a Noblesville resident can rent the Trustee Community Building for 65 dollars a day.

If everyone involved tipped in 20 bucks, and whatever terrain and tables they had, we could put on a pretty fun day of gaming with drinks and food provided.  It would still come in cheaper than what I end up paying every week to drive down to G2D4.

Is anyone else interested in this?  Thoughts?  Comments?

Edit: The Fischers and Noblesville libraries are also a possibility, but to gain access we would have to form a club that had officers and bylaws.  On the plus side they are free to use so long as the group does not charge for the event and is not for profit.

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  1. i would do this. but it would have to be on the weeks i dont have my kids. and since its summer ill be off work. let me know more later or if others are into it. email me at