Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How about some painted Dust Warfare models?

Just got finished with a few test models for my allies.  What do you think?


  1. Fantastic job painting the DUST tactics Figures!!!!

    Which colours did you use on the Allied Walker and troops?

    It has been great to see so many players collecting DUST Warfare.

    I have just started collecting and now have the rulebook.

    Consider me subscribed :)

    Happy Gaming,


    1. Thanks,

      Here's the colors I used.

      Trooper uniforms: Khaki => Sepia wash => Khaki dry brush
      Trooper boots and gloves: Beastly Brow => Sepia Wash
      Hammer Armor: Blue Ink wash => Chainmail => progressivly blended to white => Black wash.

      Walker and Trooper Armor: US Olive Drab base => Brown Violet => Olive Green highlights => Sepia wash
      Walker Mechanicals: Brass => heavy black wash