Wednesday, May 23, 2012

No, I Will Not Pay 75 Dollars for a Land Raider

You know what you can get for $75?  You can get 11 orders of Chili Cheese Etoufe with Craw-fish from Yats for that.  Hell, for two land raiders I could get Yats to cater a party of 30 people.  Drunken Chicken for everybody!

Can't they keep the price increases to once every other year maybe?  Are they not allowed to release a annual financial statement without marking off the, "Alienate your client base" option on the checklist?

I've apologized for GW profusely on this blog, and I can forgive a lot of the stuff they do as just being a big dumb corporation.  I think Privateer's pricing is getting(has been) pretty stupid too.

I'm not going to say I feel entitled to lower prices from GW.  I'm not saying that I'm going to quit the game in childish protest.  What I am saying is that GW hit that magic number that's priced me out of buying anything from them at MSRP.  No new armies for me.  Maybe, just maybe, when the Eldar Codex lands I might buy a few things(online at 20% discount, sorry Jerry, blame GW).

I'm a young professional with a good job and no kids.  I have some discretionary income.  There's a problem when someone like me looks at the prices and goes gearghhhagagaga.

I'm just saying.


  1. heh. I have an old LR kit I'll sell you for $50. sure it's just a godhammer, but wow. really? $75 for a meh heavy transport?

    slowly weaning off the GW is getting easier. There are decent offerings frem other companies, all we gotta do is work on community building.

    1. At $66 it's in the, "I'm glad I don't need one right now, but If I did, I'd probably still buy one" price range. At $75 It's in the, "For 15 dollars more I can get a Forge World version instead" price range.

  2. Ditto. I am in full DINK status and cannot justify this latest rise. I held on until now but this hike hit my tipping point.