Monday, May 28, 2012

The winner is me

I took second/best general at G2D4's 1850 point tournament with my tau.  Spag beat me out for top spot by .4 points, but we both went undefeated.  There where only 16 people at the tournament this time.

The tournament was OK.  The store owner talked the TO into using the Flames of War tournament software for bettor or worse.  So, I don't know by what rubric pairings and scorings where determined by.  The missions where all right except for the last one.  It was king of the hill where winner was the person with the most victory points on the hill in the center of the table.  Did I mention I was playing Tau?  It didn't help that my opponent was playing Demons.  I got lucky in that game.  My opponent stayed on the hill, and I got the full 7 turns to shoot him off.  I just barely tabled him with only one unit left to shoot.

I wish we would get back to doing the W/L style tournaments  Hivefleet Indy was doing last year.  The club's been a bit disorganized since a lot of time was being devoted by a few of the club's members to run the Indy Open.  Hopefully we can get everything together and get our quarterly 36 man tournaments going again.   GW could help by making sure 6th edition doesn't suck.

I used all my tournament store credit to by some Dust Warfare models.  I got the Axis heavy walker, some recon grenadiers, and a Allies light walker.  Now I can run 200 pt demo games more comfortably.


  1. Great job Greg!!!! We talked about getting the Club back on line. We will have a meeting soon. I am proud of your win!!

  2. Congrats! I wanted to go but work has had other plans for me lately. I've been hoping G2D4 would start getting some tournies going again, good to hear it. And an impressive performance with the tau! Always good for xenos to pull ahead.