Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I want my Tau codex!

I've seen the leaked pages from the Spanish version of the codex.  So excited.  I'm thinking Tau is the meta beat stick to rein in flyers.  Sky-firing 18" fusion guns? Yes, please.  That's if battlesuits can take the same sky-fire upgrade as broadsides; which is looking like a good possibility.  Even then there's a warlord trait to give him and his unit sky-fire.  Oh, and another warlord trait shuts down look-out-sir rolls[insert evil laugh].    

Ethereals look like they are going to be useful finally.  +1 shots to pulse weapons that stacks with the +1 from Cadre Fireblades.   That's a whole lot of St5 shooting.

And the Riptide.  Expensive, but awesome.  T6 with 5 wounds. I'll probably run it with the ion cannon and twin linked plasma rifles.  Not sure if I'll add the shielded missile drones.  25 points each.  I'll have to test it out.

I want to try something like this out in my first list: Cadre Fireblade, Battlesuit Commander, 1 crisis suit squad, 2 Riptides, 2 Firewarrior squads, 2 Kroot squads, 2 rail-sides squads with two suits each, Avatar, Wraithlord, and min Dire Avenger squad.  Plus whatever else I can squeeze in.  Probably a flyer or Pathfinders.


  1. Sounds like you found at least small bit of 40k revitalization

    1. It's my first new codex in quite awhile. And my Tau are my favorite army. I've also resolved to primarily use non-GW figs or trade for used figs going forward. I might but the pathfinders box since it's the only reasonably priced thing in the release.