Wednesday, April 3, 2013

When GW gives with one hand, they make sure and shank with the other.

Looks like GW didn't make enough Tau for everyone, and LGSs are getting the shaft because of it. 

Is it malice or incompetence?  With GW you just can't tell anymore.  They tend to use equal measures of both.  Though it is possible GW just didn't correctly gauge the appeal of giant freaking robots.

It also works with my current inner narrative about GW's release schedule.  As in it's more panic than planning. 


  1. I'm just going to throw it out there that ascribing behaviour to malice or incompetence is stupid, and it's the lazy way to understanding your world. Instead, suppose that you can now buy the codex, and plan your purchases accordingly instead of dumping money on stuff you may later regret once you come to understand the ins and outs of the new book.

    1. I wasn't purchasing the new releases anyway. I'm more upset that it's another GW related thing that hurts independent stores.

      My credulity when it comes to GW ran out a few months ago. If I'm being lazy in my thinking towards GW, it's because I no longer have the energy to rationalize any action/inaction the company takes. Though in the end the company is probably more Pointy-Haired Boss than Snidely Whiplash.