Thursday, April 4, 2013

OK, now for something positive (I really think I'm going to like the new Tau)

While GW might be frelling up their supply chain, I think the new Tau codex is pretty cool.  I've seen links for a lot of the stuff and it's all pretty sweet.  Though haters gonna hate I suppose.  I've seen much discussion about Tau are so much worse now that Broadsides are only ST8 AP1.  You know, for all that AV14 we see on the tables these days.  I guess they are also a little pissed that the army is pretty much BS3 across the board with no way to improve it. Well, except for marker-lights which are cheaper and more accessible.

Nothing seems Helldrake stupid, which is a good thing.  We don't need any more of that in the game.  Though maybe they'll FAQ the Riptide so that it can combine with a crisis suit team to form Voltron.  With GW you never know.

I like how you can work Skyfire into every force org slot except troops.  Yeah it's 20 points, but I can take skyfiring Fusion Guns!  Which now have an 18 inch range.  You can upgrade suits to have interceptor for 5 points.  Including the Riptide.  Yes, deep strike within line of sight to my model with a ST8 AP2 large blast.

I like how everything got cheaper.  Suits are 22 points base know and have Multi-Trackers and Blacksun filters included for free.  That's a total 10 point reduction.  Most of their weapon options came down in price too.  The special issue equipment looks to be worth taking.  You don't have to take a Devilfish to run Pathfinders anymore.     

I like how the army has blast weapons now thanks to overcharged ion weapons.

I like how they added missile drones, so that I can give my Fire Warriors some extra firepower.

I like how marker-lights can improve snap-fire and overwatch, and all the other tricks the army can do to make assaulting them a risky option.   And you'll hardly ever get cover saves against Tau.

I'm cool with giving up my ST10 braodsides for all that.


  1. The hi-tech shooting army in a low-tech game. This ought to be fun.

  2. I am excited for you. You have always loved shooting more than anything. And the tau are good at it. I know you will give me a run for my money. :)

  3. I am Really enjoying the tau codex so far. There are tons of viable and interesting options. Each FoC has something. I can't wait to get my army on the table.