Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Eldar Codex Review Part 2 - Review Harder

I've been musing some more on the new units.  I'm still disappointed that there are some issues with the army that I thought should be addressed, but weren't.  Though it's not all doom and gloom.  I think some decent lists can be built from the codex.  So here's some stuff that's probably worth taking.

Farseers -  100 points for a level 3 psycher who gets divination, telepathy, and one of the Eldar tables.  You get enough rolls that you should get at least one good power.   The Farseer casting both prescience and  guide is probably the best way to get anti-air firepower in the book outside of a Crimson Hunter.

Phoenix Lords - Just Asurman and Karandras.  Don't know which one I like better.  Karandras hits harder with 5 S8 AP 2 I7 attacks in melee and has stealth and monster hunter.  Unfortunately he doesn't have an invul.  Asurman has a 4++ and can go to a 3++ in a challenge.  He also gets 3 rolls on the warlord table.  The only one you really care about is the one that lets you re-roll 1's on saves.  I want to use them to tank for  Guardian blob squads.

Scorpions - They get stealth now.  Their Exarch is also a pretty decent hitter and challenge specialist if you want to spend the 30 points for the Scorpion Claw.

Wraithgaurd/blades - I haven't looked at them too in depth, but they look promising.  The upgrade for flamer templates is pretty pricey.  I haven't considered them too much since I don't have any of the models.

Dire Avengers - I still like them.  Pseudo-rending Avenger Catapults are pretty nice.  Too bad the Exarch options are so expensive.  He has access to the probably the best upgrade list of any of the Exarchs, but it cost just too many points.  Dire Avengers and Guardians probably benefit the most from the new army wide rules.

Gaurdians - Very good.  BS4, plus catapult upgrade, plus 1 weapons platform per 10 guys makes them much improved.  Sad that I only have enough for one squad of 20.

Jetbikes - Very very good.  Wish I had 30.

Rangers - Priced better this edition.  I don't think taking Illic and upgrading to pathfinders is worth it.  Cheap sniper unit with stealth.

Waveserpent - Holy Snikeys. With a scatter laser and a Shuri-Cannon upgrade it gets 7 ST6 and d6+1 S7 shots twin linked.  And the S7 shots ignore cover.  That's your gun tank right there.

Spiders, Hawks, Spears - I'm on the fence about all three of these units.  I think each of them can work in the right list now. Better than they were, but not quite better enough.  We'll see.

Crimson Hunter - Maybe, 160 points for armor 10 is a bit underwhelming.  It does look ridiculously good at killing other flyers.  You'll have to deal with any interceptor units quickly before bringing it on the board.

War Walkers - Another unit I wish I had a dozen of.  Still a glass cannon, but a more appropriately costed glass cannon with a 5++.

Fire Prisms - The gun is better, and you don't have to sacrifice another prism's shooting to make it work.

Darkreapers - Better, but still way expensive.  Could work in the right list.            

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