Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Man of Awsome

Just want to let everyone know to ignore the reviews on Man of Steel.  I'm usually pretty trusting of the rottentomatoes score, but this is the bizarre exception to the rule.  I think it took a 15-20% percent hit because too many critics are overly invested in the old Reeves/Donner films.

MoS isn't a perfect movie.  It's got a few clunky issues, but overall it's a decent movie.  It has less problems than the latest Trek movie, and it easily beats out the non Robert Downey Jr. equipped Marvel films.  It's got none of the ironic snark of the Marvel films.  It's a much more serious move.  All the actors involved turned in great performances.  Crowe and Costner where awesome, and Shannon's Zod was one hell of a villain.

It's also the first time in live action where superman is actually super.  The action matches what he can do in animation and the comics.   A frakin' deisel locomotive gets thrown at someone's head!

Worth watching,  

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