Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Space Elf Hoverboards

Still playing around with Blender to make me some Space Elf hover boards to print in 3D.  I've been making some progress, but I'm still learning the tool.  This is what I've got so far...

It's two linked together to save on the printing costs.  It's still a little rough.  The underside is pretty devoid of detail.  I don't want to add to much more because it will up the volume and the price.  Right now these two together will cost roughly $7.50 to print.  Throwing in a box of guardians to make the riders, a squad of 6 would cost about $60.  Still a bit more than I'd like, but it does save $20 bucks off of buying 6 Jet bikes directly from GW. 

It may be cheaper to print off a single set, and then cast more with a basic resin casting kit from the hobby store.  The lack of underside detail may be beneficial in that case since I could get away with using a one sided mold.  

Though getting the Guardians to make the riders are still the bulk of the cost.    


  1. Looks a little Tau-ish at present. Eldar are all about ovals, curves, and pointed wings. The Tau are the ones with the clean geometric forms.

    1. Unfortunatly clean geometric forms is about where my blender skill level is right now. I'm going to keep working with it.