Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fugly Marines

I read the rumors about the new super-terminators in the upcoming Marine codex this morning, and was thinking about what kind of model I could use as a reasonable proxy for them.  If they turn out to be good.  I have a bunch of these guys from AT-43 laying around:

I thought maybe with a few bits swaps...nah.  Too Orky for marines.  This is the big kit for the new release we're talking about.  On par with the Riptide and Wraith Knight.  It's got to be awesome and dynamic, and way better than any conversion I could do.  

Then I saw these:

Yeaaaah.  Maybe they just don't photograph well.  Maybe the ranged combat ones look better.  Maybe GW realized marines sell no matter what.  

Edited to add...

I don't necessarily think this is a problem with the sculptors or design team themselves.  More likely decrease dev time, physical production constraints, and top down directives(Must have big $$$ kits!) are making it hard to produce top of the line models.  So instead of "hey, I have this cool idea for a kit," it's "Make me a kit that cost $75 retail, fits in a standard size box, and you have 2 months."  That's my internal rationalization at least.   


  1. I think if you glue a Marine head on the old AT-43 models and pint 'em yellow or blue and you'll fit right in!

    and the rumors for prices are crazy. GW keeps making my old models more and more valuable!

  2. Gawd! Those look like something I'd find at Toys-R-US in an open-front cardboard box and like 6-8 little tie-down things. With "TRANSFORMERS EXTREEEME!!!" printed over the top. They're not as bad as the DA temple-speeders, but they're still fugly.

    I'll agree that the badness of this kit is probably a result of rushed production by underpaid digital sculptors. Methinks they've burned through most of their development backlog already, and are just pushing anything out now to try and prop up their numbers.

    The new Marines had better sell, or we'll see some real fireworks at GW. :)