Friday, August 9, 2013

Less Fugly Marines

I was right. The ranged combat ones do look better.

The oversized prop comedy drills on the close combat ones really screwed with the proportions on what's still a pretty badly proportioned model.  At least with these the eye isn't drawn away from the center of the model so much.  Makes them look more taller than wider.

If they had stretched these guys out on the vertical axis 1/2 or a full inch, I think they would have been truly badass.  Which has kind of been GW's design studio problem through out 6th edition.  They're just that much effort away from awesome.  Always falling just 10 yards short of a touchdown.  You know, while continually raising ticket prices despite never winning any games or scoring any points.  

Though, man, I want to see rules for these guys.  I wonder how much 3 with 2 Heavy Bolters and a Hurricane bolter each cost points wise.

These, I would almost buy if they didn't cost $78.


  1. Depending on stats I would take these guys. They look cool

  2. I don't even know how the powerfists work with the guns in the way. Or why the nipple launchers couldn't be shoulder mounted.

    1. I've given up applying practicality to GW models. I'll accept just having it look cool at this point. I mean, really, what do these guys do when they expend the 30 seconds worth of ammunition they carry? "Well guys I'm spent. I'll go wait in the Thunderhawk. Stay safe."

      The whole marine army for that matter. I couldn't see a bolter clip holding more than 15-20 rounds. And that's being generous. If a marine assault last more than 5 minutes, they're seriously screwed.

  3. They have extra mags all over the place magnetized into their armor. And ammo is inside the suit. Ill take 9 of them.