Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Warhammer Disk Wars...This is interesting

Fantasy Flight just announced it.  It's a revival of the old Disk Wars game mechanic.  Effectively a miniatures game without miniatures.

I've heard that one of the particulars of the Fantasy Flight/Games Workshop partnership is that FF couldn't directly create a GW licensed game that used standard miniatures.  Which is understandable.  I just don't know how GW thought it would be a good thing to approve this use of the license.  Are they really that deluded to think that a game like his is not an almost direct competitor to their products because it has no miniatures?     Maybe Fantasy is doing so bad that GW considers it a write off, and at least making some money off the IP is better than nothing.

A cheap tactical war game that uses GW's IP and has solid mechanics?   That's the holy-f'n'-grail.  Can't wait for the 40K version myself.  The only downside is the lack of actual miniatures.  Hmm...Maybe something with magnets...  


  1. wow. yeah just use the disk as a base holder, and put your mini on top if you want.

    I'm a bit surprised by this.

    I do think FF has done well with making GW IP games, and really doesn't want to get into minis. This is a clever way to do both of them at the same time, but not get 'into' minis. Maybe GW thinks this might be a 'gateway drug' for Warhammer.

    I might have to take a look at GenCon.

  2. Color me interested...

    Let's be honest, Tom Kirby heard that there were no miniatures, and his brain turned off immediately.

    If this thing gets any traction, you can bet that we'll see people using GW/Other miniatures atop of, or instead of, their disks. With homebrew rules that translate flips, or whatever, to real inches.

  3. Seems pretty clever as a mass-market gateway. The tactility of flipping discs, and the affordability of the discs, also makes it more appealing for those who are into both the background and a more competitive environment. Maybe GW is licensing this on a percentage, with Fantasy Flight taking the risk.