Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm Officially Done With YTTH

Stelek is hating on Kirby and 3++. YTTH really improved my understanding of 40k, but it's not living up to the reputation it earned these last few years. It was always fun to watch Stelek tear into BOLS and DAKKA. Mostly because those camps rightly deserved a kick in their complacency. But 3++ is a decent blog, and they support the same concepts of competitive play that Stelek put out there when he started his blog. A lot of people have taken up the concepts Stelek originally voiced and present them in a more practical and less venomous way. Those bloggers are the ones I'm going to pay attention to. I'm done with a guy who isn't posting anything interesting anymore, and can't even play nice with the people who agree with his basic point of view.


  1. amen.

    Stelek needs to get rid of the 350lb gorilla biker who eats sheetmetal persona for his blog, and get something nicer.

    A of change in attitude would go a long way, but he's stuck in piss-on-you-all mode.

  2. I stopped listening six months ago...

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  4. Bah, why bother posting something like this? It is just more Emo on top of an Emo situation.

    I've never liked the hyperbole on YTTH and have posted such, but the intel is there, generally before others restate it in a more readable manner. The risk with the "restaters" is that the message might shift or go wrong.

    Why get Emo and post on your own blog that you are "Officially Done"? Since I've never been here I don't even know your connection to all this besides blog links. But spreading the haterade hardly seems like a call for civility...

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  5. Honestly, I didn't expect to be a blip on anyone's radar except for my epic number of 13 followers.

    Also, why bother posting the emo "don't be emo" response to the emo post about Stelek's emo hate on Kirby for thinking that Stelek's emo?

    If everyone else is being emo, why can't I? :)

  6. Nice.

    All you Stelek lovers that are like baby calves fighting for a nipple need to grow up and learn to think on your own instead of living and dieing for every piece of breast milk stelek decides to give you.

    Anyone can write good army lists.

    Heck, I will say it.... I could beat Stelek.

  7. Didn't intend for that to sound the way it did, but it is true. Just read the blog and see how people worship the ground someone walks on. Really? We all put our pants on the same way.

    I think.... Farmpunk?

  8. Hi CaulynDarr, I found the blog because at the moment I was on TheBack40k this post was the top of the "Blogs of Note:" So, I wasn't really searching for bile to vent. The Blogger single sign-on essentially makes all of your linked blogs into one forum.

    I agree Spaguatyrine, the fandom some folks get is silly, considering how small our geeky little corner of geekdom is. But I guess even a kindergarden class has cliques, and that is how this whole thing reads.

    I will disagree with you on one point. Not everyone can write good army lists. I know folks who play regularly that just don't even have the skills. That is actually what I like Kirby's blog for. He takes the time to type more than Stelek so often explains things better.

    Anyways, my point in posting was not to defend Stelek. My post was driven by the idea that I surf the blogs for entertainment and maybe even to learn something. Folks posting about how they are emo about how some other guy they don't know treated a third person they don't know just spams up my enjoyment of the blogosphere and isn't really any more productive than ostracizing the cranky kid during playtime.

    And with that horribly run-on sentence, I close. :)

  9. I mostly post for the benefit of myself and those people I know IRL who read my blog. Any additional attention garnered is just collateral damage.

    I do think that telling someone to not be emo is counter-productive. The cycle of nerd-rage is only stopped when someone can't be bothered to reply. We both failed to end the cycle this time.

  10. stelek ftw loltroll