Monday, February 28, 2011

Tau Progress and Super Heavy Scratch Builds

I discovered today that my scratch built Thunderhawk had taken some damage in the closet. While the repairs where drying, I decided to snap some pics of it and my scratch built Marauder. I also took some pictures of my wip Tau army.

It's a pretty basic foam board model. Not exceptionally detailed, but I had fun building it. I lost my interest in Apoc just after finishing the hull, so I didn't put much effort into painting it seeing as I'd probably never use it in a game.

The Marauder was my first scratch build, so it's a little rough around the edges.
The lessons I learned made the Thunderhawk a much sturdier model.

Standard Hammerhead. I tried out liquid mask to do the symbols on the nose. I'm still figuring out how to get the best results.

My battle suit commander. I used some old Gundam models for the conversion. You can't see it in this pic, but he's got a bunch of extra booster rockets on the back. I was mainly focused on making the model look cool. After the fact, I decided that all the extra bits made it a zero-G version of the standard battle suit.

I'm going to have my standard suits have one antenna, and the squad leaders have two.

Finally my Broadside. Even with a dremel; cutting up those metal bits was a pain. I'm locked into doing the second one now.

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