Friday, February 11, 2011

Transform and Roll Out!

I was tentatively committed to doing an Ultramarines Honor Guard counts as Grey Knights army. Mostly I wanted an excuse to buy some Stormravens. Though now GK's apparently can take Optimus Prime as a heavy support choice.

There's no passing that up.


  1. The Dread Knight looks like Optimus Prime in those blurry pics.

    And it means I'm going to have to buy me some grey knights and paint them blue and red.

  2. It kinda looks like a battle version of the cargo loader Ripley used in Aliens.

    and it's grey metallic.

    I'm not sure about those. I'll have to see stats. Then again, they ARE the shiny new unique bling to the new army, so they'll have good rules this edition.

    they probably have a 30" psychic lance attack or something crazy.