Saturday, May 21, 2011

June 4th 4x4 Team Tournament Format

Here are the complete rules for the upcoming Hivefleet Indy 4x4 tournament.

Start Time: 10am  

Number of Rounds: 3

Game Length: 2 hours 30 minutes with a 45 minute break after the first round and a 15 minute break after the second.

Max 8 teams=32 players (4 teams pre-set: G2D4team 1, GP North team 1, GP South team 1, Saltire/Bradford team 1) The 4 remaining teams are first come first serve.

Entry per team. $45

Tournament Organizer: Greg / Caulyn Darr


*Teams: 4 players with a 1,000 point list that follows all FOC requirements and current Codex restrictions. (Only 1 unique character per 4 man team){No 4 Calgar's, or 2 Njal's, or 3 Straken's, etc.)
*Codex special abilities that effect any friendly units do not effect teammate's units.
*Codex special abilities that effect enemy units can effect both enemy players' units.
*Codex special abilities that effect enemy and friendly units can effect all units in the game. 
*Team Captain will determine team pairings before each round, but before pairings of opponents are decided. 


Each team will be paired with another each round and play two simultaneous games.  Each game will be comprised of two team members facing two opposing team members.  The team will claim one point for each mission objective claimed in either game with the winning team being the one that claimed the most points.  An equal number of objectives claimed will result in a tie.

Each mission will be comprised of three separate mission objectives.  One mission objective will be a team goal that either player can assist in claiming.  Each teammate will then select one of the personal objectives, and only they will be able to claim it in the game.  No two teammates in the same game may select the same personal objective.

Mission Objective 1: Objectives.  Five objectives are placed on the board; one in the center and one  in the center of each table quarter.  Objectives follow the rules in the 40K rulebook.  

Mission Objective 2: Table Quarters.   The team or player with the most claimed table quarters at the end of the game wins this objective. Whoever has the most Victory Points in a table quarter claims that quarter.  Scoring units count as an extra 100VP for claiming a table quarter.   If a unit is in more than one quarter, then they count as being in the quarter that contains the majority of the unit.

Mission Objective 3: Kill Points.  Kill points are scored as described in the 40K rule book.  In order to win this objectives the team or player must score 3 more KP than his opponent team or player.  When this is a personal objective, a player may claim kill points by destroying either opposing player's units, but units killed by his teammate do not count.

Each game will go for 6 turns with a 7th turn played on a 4+ die roll.

Each time a player claims  a personal objective type for the first time they score an additional point for their team.   Each player can score 3 bonus points, for a total of 12 possible for the whole team provided they claim all three types of objectives as a personal objectives.   For example if a player claims mission objective 1 in the first game, 2 in the second game, and 1 again in the first game, he would score 2 bonus points for is team.  These bonus points will be used as a tiebreaker for teams with identical w/l records.

The objectives for each round are:
Round 1:
Team objective: Kill Points
Personal objectives: Table Quarters, Objectives

Round 2:
Team objective: Table Quarters
Personal objectives: Kill Points, Objectives

Round 3:
Team objective: Objectives
Personal objectives: Table Quarters, Kill Points

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  1. Seems solid, Now I'm considering going again. If I could make it.

  2. We only have confirmation for 3 teams. If we don't get at least 1 more, we cannot run the event. We have:

    G2d4 team 1
    G2d4 team 2
    Muncie team

    Waiting to hear from:

    GP north
    GP south

  3. my team is double-checking availability, but we should be able to make it. i'll ask around the gp north crowd to see if anyone there is planning on it.