Saturday, May 14, 2011

Missed it by that much

I took my Eldar to todays Hivefleet Indy tournament and didn't do too well.  I had three good really close games, but I made mistakes, and you aren't allowed to make mistakes when playing Eldar.

I've lost all faith in my Eldar as a tournament army.  I have to make some changes, or do something drastic to be able to keep playing them.  My GK's are my only army I have any confidence in right now.


  1. but you earned a dollar by killing mephiston!

    the two games i saw were close enough i don't think you really have room to complain.

  2. I can complain about the mistakes I made myself. I lost two of my games because I didn't move to contest objectives correctly on the last turn. The mistakes weren't extremely costly, but it left the games up to a few die rolls that didn't go my way. I complained about the dice, but if I had played better, the dice wouldn't have mattered so much. I should have also reserved my army in second game as soon as I saw that there was no cover for vehicles in my deployment zone.

    When games are so close, it makes it easy to see exactly what went wrong. It's also easy to say in a close game that if dice or army list were slightly better the game would have turned out differently.

  3. I also notice with your Eldar, you move for the objectives too late. I always try to get to my objectives by turn 4. That gives me plenty of time. Just an observation. :)

  4. You need to time it exactly with Eldar so that you get your SMF cover save when contesting.

  5. I know, but you still tend to miss it by 1 turn! LOL!