Sunday, March 20, 2011

Should I add sprinkles to my vanilla or get butter pecan?

I really like the fluff and the models for the Ultramarines Honor Guard.  As more Grey Knight rumors became available, it started to seem like their new codex would make a good basis for a Honor Guard counts as army.

It seems like an easy enough thing to do, but playing a count's as army can be rather trying.  For instance; the only HQ model that could lead an honor guard force is Calgar, but you can't equip a grand marshal with two powerfists.  Now you have to explain to your opponents every game that those two really big fists are actually a demon hammer and psycannon.  It can be confusing for your opponents, and I don't want to be accused of being a flavor of the month player.

There are advantages to running the counts as army.  I already have most of the support units I'll need, like rhinos and dreadnoughts.  I probably will only need to buy a tactical box and grey knight strike team box to fill out a basic 1500 point army.  I'll probably get a Dreadknight and a Stromraven too, since I like the models.

Dude....I could convert Calgar as the driver for a Dreadknight!  That could totally work!  Wait, now who am I going to use for my Grand Marshal?

So what do people think?  Should I go down the counts as route, or start a Grey Knight army from scratch?


  1. Definitely new build. How many psykers are in the UM honor guard? And if you have the sharp-looking models, what's wrong with running them alongside the REAL Calgar with the already-existing Honor Guard rules?

  2. If you didn't read, I'm a huge fan of count-as armies and this sounds awesome. Genuinely. Pure awesome. The only thing you'd have to think out is why they have so many psychic powers.

    Remember, the HQ is only the HQ in the list, it doesn't have to be the HQ in your head. Calgar in a dreadknight with 2 fists would look awesome.

  3. Dreadknight = Calgar is awesome! have the grand marshal be one of the company captains. have you considered using the master of the fleet/watch/etc models for something?

    Oh noes! psychic powers! cause it's not like there are librarians in the Ultramarines, or that they could just be special abilities that use the psychic power rules.

  4. @Baugh

    The existing honor Guard rules are pretty atrocious. They are too expensive; I4 close combat marines with no invul for 35 points each. No, thank you.

    @Brother Loring
    I've updated the post with a photo-shopped DreadCalgar.

    I was just going to attribute their powers to shear awesomeness.

  5. Sheer awesomeness... lol.

    Nice photo. If you don't do this now.... I will hunt you down and force you to do it. Where do you live again???

  6. Did you say...DreadCalgar?


  7. I love this idea so much I might have to steal it... Awesome stuff man!