Thursday, March 17, 2011

Streamlining my minis collection

Also known as funding Grey Knights.  I have a lot of models that I probably won't use anymore, and I want to give them all good homes.  I would like for these to go to local players as I don't want to bother with shipping.  If you are interested in anything, make me an offer.  My email address is included in my Blogger profile.

Read on below for the list

Legion of Everblight Hordes Army
Thagrosh (Painted)
Lylyth (Painted)
Rhyas (Painted)
4 x Harriers (Painted)
4x Shredders (Painted)
Carnivian (Painted)
2 x Seraphs (Painted)
2 x Teraphs
2 x Reaks
2 x Nephilim Soldiers
Full unit of Warmongers (Painted)
Full unit of Raptors  (1 Painted)
Spawning vessel with a acolytes
2 x Forsaken  (Painted)
2010 Faction Deck

Flames of War German Grenadier Army (Good for mid or late war)
3 platoons worth of Rifle/MG teams (Painted)
Assault platoon (Painted)
4 MG teams (Partially Painted)
3 pak38s (Painted)
4 pak40s (Partially Painted)
2 2cm AA guns (Painted)
2 7.5 cm infantry guns (Painted)
4 10.5 cm artillery guns (Painted)
2 Panzer M (Painted)
3 Stug G (Painted)
2 Tigers (Painted)
3 3 cm AA halftracks

Dragyri Darkage Army
Yavonka (Painted)
2 x Cyclones (1 Painted)
2 x Whispers
3 x Soul Splitters
Blue Resin Ice Elemental
2x Shadow Walkers
Deaths Device
Couple dozen spear/shard/slingslaves

15mm Ancient Macedonian Greek Army (Based for Warmaster ancients)
9 phalanx bases (Painted)
6 companion cavalry bases (Painted)
3 cataphract bases
Various archer and skirmisher bases  (Painted)
Plenty of loose minis that didn't end up on the above bases.

Also available are boxes of Pirates of the Spanish Main CMG, Star Wars CMG(only commons and uncommons), Haloclix CMG, Marvel and DC VS CCGs, and old decipher Star Wars CCG.

Wow, that's depressing to list out all the games stuff I've spent money on, and am probably never going to use again...

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