Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sprinkles it is

After some deliberation and receiving the bill for a recent emergency room visit, I've decided that starting a full army from scratch while still building up my Tau would not be a financially prudent choice.  I can build a counts as force fairy cheaply.  I think I could make it work with 2 or 3 strike squad boxes, a tactical squad box, and a of course a Dread Knight box.  With that much, I should have no problem putting out a 1500 point list with the help of a few chapter assets for support.

I don't have ready access to the codex, so I've been trying to guesstimate an army based on the few minutes I looked at the codex on Saturday.  I'm hoping that I can squeeze the following into 1500 points:
Grand Marshal
Purifier Squad(The cool honor guard)
Vindicare Assassin(Telion)
2x Strike Squads(The not quite as cool honor guard)
Psy-Rifleman Dread

I'll probably have to go light on the upgrades, but the plan is to make the squads 10x men strong with rhinos.  Arming them with psycannons, psybolt and hammer for the strike squads and hammer, halberds, and incinerators for the purifiers.  I'm also thinking of taking a heavy incinerator for DreadCalgar.  I may have to drop the Vindicare or reduce the purifier squad size to make the army work.  For 2000 points I want to add in another psy-rifleman and a Storm Raven.    


  1. Your strike squad with 2 psycannons, a rhino, psybolt ammo, and 10 men with 1 hammer is 330 points. (Each hammer is 10 pts while halberds are 5)

    Your Purifier squad with 4 incinerators, a rhino, and 4 hammers and 4 halberds is 308 pts. If you add psybolt ammo add 20 points.

    So far in troops you have 968 pts.

    Grand master base is 175 pts. 15 pts for a special grenade coctail of your choice. Rad or Pschotroke I would assume at 190 pts.

    Libby- base 150 pts. With 3 powers he is 165. 170 if you give him a halberd so he won't die so fast or a sword is free for that 4+ invol in close combat.

    Psyfilmen dread 135 pts.

    So you now are at 1458 pts.

    Vindicare is 145 pts.

    Just thought I would help! :)

    My suggestions, cut points on the hammers on Purifier squads and only take maybe 1 or 2. you can also drop the purifier squad down to half size and have enough for a dreadnight.

    Dreadnight with Great Sword and Gatling Pscilencer 195 pts.

  2. It looks like the vindicare is only going into 2000 point lists for me.

    I think if I go half strength on one of the Strike Squads that would help too. I'd rather have the full strength purifiers with 2 hammers and 4 halberds.